It is the era of online shopping!
Although it is sad to see how many stores filed bankruptcy, it is sad to see people start changing the way they are doing their retail activity, from conventional way browsing through alleys in the stores to search engine and browse to internet pages, but it is inevitable, that – doing online shopping, is way much more efficient than spending time on traffic, lining on cash register check out. Of course I still can’t apply this online shopping to my grocery shopping, or shoes shopping, but apart of that, I found shopping online is pretty much convenience.

One of the biggest online store in United States, maybe in the world, is According to Fortune Magazine (04/05/17) Amazon Is Worth More Than Walmart, Costco, and Target Combined –click here to read the complete news.

So, now, what is this Amazon Enhanced Brand Content? This is one of the tool that Amazon provides to their brand owner vendors for free – for limited period. If you are one of amazon’s store owner, I think you know that your product page in Amazon is your store. Just like any other retail business, you need a perfect display of your store to showcase your product. Because you need to compete with other brand in Amazon. The more information and banner you put on your product page, chance for you to sell is better.

All this time there is similar and slightly better feature from amazon vendor central, it calls A+ Page. You can find this feature if you log in through your vendor account, and click merchandising tab.

Amazon A+

This feature offers great module to add information detail about your product. But, it come with a price. It’s about one time fee around $600.

This is the reason why we need to utilize Amazon Enhanced Brand Content. Because this feature has similar template with A+, with some restrictions, but, most importantly, for this time being, Enhanced Brand Content is FREE.


— to be continued